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We serve freshly cooked foods right off the BBQ


What a Great Day for a BBQ!

You deserve the BEST and so do your employees! They are the backbone of your company. Express your appreciation by providing them...

           ..."The Ultimate BBQ!"             

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BBQ Menu EntreesCater BBQ beef ribs - The Ulimate BBQ Catering Company


Beef Ribs                                     BBQ Chicken

Pork Spareribs                            Portabella Mushrooms  

Tri - Tip                                        Hamburgers

Baby-back Ribs                           Hot Dogs

Assorted Sausages                      Whole Pigs

Boca Burgers                               Garden Burgers

Teriyaki Chicken Breast             Fresh Grilled Vegetables   

Rotisserie Chicken                      Turkey Legs

BBQ Catering normally come with Salad, your choice of Garden-Fresh Mixed Greens, Homemade-Style Potato Salad or Pasta Salad, our famous BBQ Beans and a Dinner Roll.

The Ultimate BBQ Roasted Whole Hog

The Ultimate BBQ Party!

Roasted whole pig $35.00 per person minimum 50 people





Garden-Fresh Mixed Greens      Homemade Style Potato Salad

Broccoli-Raisin-Nut Salad           Pasta Salad

Chinese Chicken Salad                Cole Slaw

Macaroni Salad                            Caesar Salad

Fresh Fruit Salad (seasonal)         Three-Bean Salad   


Side Items     

a Catered BBQ for local Company  - The Ultimate BBQBBQ Beans

Corn on the cob      

Garlic Bread

Chili Beans

Vegetarian Chili   V

Corn Bread Muffin

Beef Chili                                                                          

Need a place for a Catered BBQ off site? Use our facilities that hold up to 800+ use of Olympic size pool available, beer and wine, or even a full bar. Volleyball, Horseshoes and Tug-o-War. Please call for a tour of our facilities in Palo Alto for your next BBQ!

(Assorted drinks available)

Basic BBQ Pricing

BBQ on the USS Hornet Air Craft Carrier - The Ultimate BBQ

The Ultimate BBQ Catering Company helped raise over $125,000.00 to benefit MDA at Harley-Davidson's"Bridge to a Cure IV" motorcycle run, by providing BBQ Chicken and Beef Tri-Tip to over 1,000 motorcycle riders on the USS Hornet air craft carrier. Tours of the USS Hornet are available. For more info click on the link below.


The Ultimate BBQ Catering Company will be BBQing for MDA again this year location still has to be decided. Please join us if you ride motorcycles. If you do not belong to a club you can sign up at any Harley Davidson Dealership and put down The Ultimate BBQ as your club. See you there!


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